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What do we need for the perfect sailing trip? Is it more than the sea, a yacht, a lovely crew and some wind? Maybe we need some special stuff to wear? For sure most of you will think of shoes and gloves for sailing that might be helpful. Some might think about clothespins, they should not be missed on your sailing route. What about navigation? Or books to plan the perfect sailing route? or are there some sailing route planner online? Maybe a sailing route planner app?

I found a route planning for yachts at but it is a website solution, nothing that can be stored like in a sailing route planner app. That is why CREW360 took that point and integrated the best sailing route planner solution in our App. Of course it cannot substitute many websites and books with grateful content how to plan a sailing route and tips for a long distance sailing adventure, but it allows to plan and track the route online, share it with the crew and make note of nautical miles sailed. With that information at the end of the trip the skipper can share a sea mile confirmation of miles sailed with his crew. Some sailors need that official confirmation to get access to further licenses, others store that documents for personal needs.

Not for planning a sailing trip but for navigation during the sailing trip I have used Navionics several times and can really recommend it. Several functions like auto-routing or GPS-tracking are really helpful at yachting. Unfortunately for me only the payed version makes sense and it is not cheap.

Although the only overall sailing planner App I know is CREW360 I would like to share some more useful apps with you that I liked to use as well.

To keep an overview about cost at your sailing trip and share transparently the cash information with the crew many people use Splitwise. As we acknowledge this function as a crucial one for crews sailing we have integrated similar function at CREW360. 
For weather forecast I usually use local news, but many people have good experience with Apps like Windfinder as well. Another solution can be the App Windy.

For my sailing trips in Croatia I used the App MySea to get an overview of local bays and places. It is an digital guide showing places to be, bays, restaurants, Marinas and more. Further you can make reservations of places in ports and Marinas as well.

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