Top 10 Tips & Tricks when Planning Sailing with Children


Sailing is not just a hobby, it is a way of life. The salty breeze on the face and the excitement of planning a sailing trip is indescribable. Going sailing with friends is fun but planning a trip with family needs proper research. Even the most seasoned sailors need to double-check everything when planning a family sailing trip with children. Kids make us question even the most basic things in life. And in the case of sailing, the questions are magnified tenfold. What will happen if necessary precautions are not taken? Or if the kids do not understand the basic sailing rules? And how to make sailing interesting for kids? All these questions arise in mind when the skipper is going sailing with family.

A sailing trip planner app is the perfect buddy for serious sailors. There are some excellent apps available online to help one design a sailing route that makes the seafaring experience a memorable one. Sailing requires serious skills, but with the help of advanced technologies, planning a sailing trip has become relevantly easier. With reliable weather forecasts and accurate natural disaster predictions, one can take the family on a sailing trip without any worries.

Even the most advanced sailing route planner online cannot prepare you for a sailing experience with children. They might create chaos or run amok overboard when it is time to stay put. There are several tricks and tips for a long distance sailing adventure with kids to help avoid mishaps. Kids test patience like no one else. Sailing is an adventure where the aim is to have an enjoyable time with family.

Here is a list of 10 amazing tips to plan the perfect sailing trip with children.

  1. Choose a yacht that is well-suited for family sailing trips
    Not all boats are suitable for sailing with kids. Confined spaces on boats can make sailing with kids a little difficult. Catamarans are a great option for a family cruise. It offers plenty of private space with a separate hull. The route planning for yachts should also be done keeping in mind the tenacity of kids to sit straight for longer hours with a life jacket on. Catamarans are also much more steady on the water than other boats and yachts. They also have ample inside space. The cockpit and the galley are at the same level, making it easier for the skipper to keep their eyes on the kids at all times.

  2. Safety nets are a must when going sailing with kids onboard
    When thinking - how to plan a sailing route with kids, do not forget the basic safety equipment like nets. Whether or not the kids know swimming doesn’t matter. Accidents can happen with anyone and at any time. It is, therefore, a good idea to install a safety net to the boat’s stanchions. 

  3. Emphasize the importance of life jackets
    Use the best sailing trip planner and its tutorials function to educate the kids about the importance of wearing a life jacket on board. If you are renting a yacht, it is advisable to inform the agents about the size of the life jackets you will be needing for the children.

  4. Talk to the kids
    Strictly informing kids about safety rules to be followed on board might not do the trick. Kids tend to disobey set boundaries and rules. When planning a sailing trip with children, sit them down and talk to them calmly. Explain the importance of following the safety guidelines rationally. One can also offer rewards later for good behavior such as treating the kids with their favorite meal or ice-cream.

  5. Involve the kids to plan the perfect sailing route
    The best way that the kids can enjoy a sailing trip is if they get to help onboard. Instead of spending hours sitting at the same spot with clear instructions not to touch anything on the boat, get them to help with the sailing trip planner app. After all, this generation of kids is much more advanced when it comes to dealing with new technology. So why not take the advantage of your kids’ digital awareness and let them help you steer in the right direction.

  6. Be prepared to deal with seasickness
    Seasickness is only normal. Kids can feel more nauseated than elders while sailing. Having pills or light snacks at hand is advisable. It is also better to sit on the deck in fresh air rather than in a cabin below.

  7. Stock up on health and medical supplies
    Basic medicines and health supplies are a must. Even if you plan the perfect sailing route, you may run into unforeseen circumstances. Pain relief medicines, pills for fever, insect repellents, are a few basic things to be carried.

  8. Talk to the chef if going on a rented crewed yacht
    If you have rented a yacht, it is good for the chef onboard to know about any allergies and specifications. Sailing is hard and children might need snacks at regular intervals. It is, therefore, better to keep a stock of cereal bars, fruits, cookies, chocolates, etc.

  9. Think of fun activities for the kids
    One cannot expect children to stay at one place the whole day. One can plan a movie night on board with all the favorite food and beverages of the kids. One of the best tips for a long distance sailing adventure is to engage in off-shore excursions such as fishing, snorkeling, etc. Travel-sized games such as playing cards and books to read can also be carried to keep the kids indulged.

  10.  Take the opportunity to teach kids
    Going sailing with family is a great opportunity to teach kids. They can help with the route planning for yachts, learn to tie basic knots. They can also be taught to spot buoys and learn what they mean.

With a reliable sailing route planner online, one can plan the perfect sailing trip with the family. Whether it is a question of how to plan a sailing route or creating a memorable and fun trip, the above-discussed tips and tricks prove to be a handy-guide when going sailing with kids.

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