Managing Sail Trip and Crew made easy!


The All-In-One Sail Trip and Yachting Manager for Skipper and Crew!

CREW360 is more than just a online sailing route planner.

It is your best online yachting and sailing planner that helps Skipper and Crew to plan the perfect sailing trip and route. CREW360 guides you how to plan a sailing route and provides details about planning a sailing trip in total. Starting with the route planning for sailing yachts, invitation management for your crew and organize rating of optional dates for your holidays you can plan the perfect sailing trip.

Share with your Crew a packing and purchase list for the trip or manage your boat cash online. Using the integrated chat function you can discuss tips for a long distance sailing adventure with your Crew as well. Don't forget to set up the crew contract online or provide digital sea mile confirmations to your crew at the end of your yachting trip.

Skipper and Crew will get a perfect planned yachting holiday! This sailing planner helps the Skipper to integrate his Crew and be a well prepared team for the sailing holiday!

Free Trial

How it works

Just follow 3 simple steps to plan your Sailing Trips with CREW360



As Skipper you set up a New Sailing Trip, invite your Crew and propose Common Dates for your Holiday.



You sign the digital Crew Contract, coordinate Ride Sharing and share a Pack & Buy list.



The crew fills all its data online, the digital Crewlist is set up automatically and the skipper can share first Route Details using the best sailing route planner.

The Offer

It is free for the Crew!

10-days-free trial for the skipper to set up a sailing trip and try all CREW360 functions!

For 19,99 EUR only the skipper gets a 1-Year-Full Version access, with no Abo! 


You can expect the best online sailing planner to plan your sailing trip with your crew.

From the very first idea to invite friends and family to a new sailing trip up to the final sharing of holiday pics and sea mile
confirmations of the sailing route at the end of the trip CREW360 has a solution for you!