How to Choose the Right Boat for Your Sailing Trip


Currently, plenty of boats are offered by yacht charter agencies to every tourist planning a sailing trip out there. Most of them are fibreglass boats, however, a few wooden designs occasionally pop up. A majority of these boats are inexpensive however, there is a lot more to opt from. Before you pick the boat for your next sailing trip, it is vital to keep various factors in mind for ensuring that it fits the plans. After all, you would not wish the dinghy for the offshore long sailing trip, nor you would prefer the 55-foot schooner for spending the afternoon on a lake.

So, let’s take a look at how can you select the perfect boat for a perfect sailing trip –

1. Choose construction materials wisely – The most usual materials utilized in the boat construction are steel, wood, fibreglass, and aluminium. Each of them has its pros and cons. Moreover, the significant thing is to be well-informed about what you are getting yourself into in terms of any potential problem during the trip.

● Wood – The most trustworthy choice of sailing boat planner is this oldest material utilizing in boat sailing. Wood is not utilized much right now as the demerits outweight the merits. Yes, they are attractive, & there were a lot of reputable builders, however, now they are majorly kept by the ones who are typical boat enthusiasts.

● Aluminium – One of the major materials of sporty sailing boat planner is Aluminium. Wondering why? Because it is strong, low maintenance, and lightweight.

● Steel – This is an easy-to-work and strong building material.

● Fibreglass – It is the most usually utilized material while boatbuilding for the last 40 years, thanks to it being flexible and strong.

2. Know where you plan to utilize your boat – The lumbering, heavy, and deep offshore cruiser is not mandatory for the short regattas around the San Francisco Bay. While it is good for dreaming about weeks at sea, it is typically not wise for selecting the blue water sailboat unless you intend to utilize it offshore honestly. Having said that, the opposite is true as well. Unless you are the experienced sailor planning a sailing trip, it is suggested to opt for a hardy and large boat in case you intend on sailing offshore. For occasional overnight tours or coastal cruising, a day-sailor or pocket-cruiser is the better alternative.

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3. Multi-Hull V/s Mono-Hull Sailboats? Make the right decision – Mono-Hull has been regarded as the “secure alternative”, uniquely while talking about bluewater cruising. However, a multi-hull sailor has proven that it can sail anywhere the mono-hull can, big seas and heavy weather included. Are you actually route planning with a yacht? If yes, then please note that there are a few benefits to conventional mono-hull boats. With the heavy keel and the deeper draft, the mono-hull sailboats sit in the water, offering it a quite stable feel, particularly in the heavy seas. In terms of multi-hull category, the most famous is the catamaran, though there are only a few liveaboard trimarans out there. With the adjoining huge deck and 2 hulls, catamarans have an obvious benefit of more space. This large living space is driving catamarans’ popularity with sailing families. Not only kids have more area for running and playing-in, however, but the separate hulls also equal more privacy for dad and mom. Always remember that to Plan the Perfect Sailing Route, you must take the help of the right route planner to ensure a comfortable trip.

4. Consider the sailboat size – A sailboat’s size can play an important part in the abilities. While planning a sailing trip, picking the right boat with accurate dimensions can go a long way in a guaranteed cosy vacay with your friends and family. It is quite easy to narrow down proper dimensions for the boat. In case you desire the cabin with living space, you will often need to go above 20-feet long. However, sailboats such as the Cal 20 and West Wight Potter 19 provide comfortable cabins.

For the standing headroom, you will usually need to look for the boats 25-foot long or even longer than that. Moreover, one of the major Tips for a long distance sailing adventure is keeping your budget and preferences in mind. In case you plan on taking the extended bluewater voyages, you will need to be particularly cautious while opting for the sailboat size. In case the boat is way too big, it will be impossible (or difficult) for handling alone. In case it is way too small, it will be hazardous or uncomfortable. For single-handed offshore passages, the boats between 26 & 35-feet are usually enough.

5. Popularity – Nowadays, a lot of people are choosing a sailing trip planner app that helps them in making the most of their vacation without any stress. Furthermore, it is always the good idea of considering the popularity of the sailboat before choosing. Usual sailboats have plenty of user data accessible on the sailing forums, so you can get the idea of how it manages. The more famous the vessel is, the more resources exist.

Picking the boat for sailing must not be an impulse decision. The life of your family and crew, & your security, is hugely dependent on the vessel’s condition. Taking out some time for making a wellinformed choice will make sure that you get the boat for your sailing trip which will cater to your needs & will fulfil the desires.

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