How to Plan Your Sailing Route


Do you miss sailing already? Are you dreaming about your next sailing trip? Maybe you are the skipper and already started planning for the next year?

Usually at this time in the year, about Christmas, I start to think about next possible destinations for sailing, the next season, how long the sail trip can last, where the sailing route can start, what would be the best destination to sail.

As I am the skipper I begin to ask my family and friends about their plans for next year holidays and if they would like to join me for sailing. Each time I enjoy to go sailing with friends and have a happy crew! 

That is why I love to manage and organize sailing trips. So I start to search online for yachts while staffing the crew is going on in parallel. Here you can search big online platforms like , or Or you get it in direct contact with charter agencies like the one I choose called Alexandra Hofinger Yachtcharter( ). First I have to decide or agree with the potential crew which area in the world they would prefer to sail. Mostly it is Croatia, Greece, Italy or Turkey. 

Once we decide on a country or specific region it is possible to get offers for dedicated sailing yacht charter.

As the friends that are requested to join the crew want to know as much details as possible about our sailing trip I start to plan the perfect sailing route based on several information having at hand. Just to name an example for Croatia I use the book Kroatien - 888 Häfen und Buchten by Karl H. Beständig. To make it visual to my crew I use google maps and set the waypoints, make a screenshot of the  route and share it with the crew.  

It takes some time to get a clear picture who would like to join and when people have time for going sailing at the sea. To arrange crew and dates I use E-mail, Whatsapp or Viber Chat as well as Doodle to agree on a common date for all.

Once the crew is defined and date and yacht is chosen, I have to choose an Skipper's liability insurance and charter deposit insurance to be well prepared for our trip. Here usually I choose an offer from or

Having all cost calculated for the yacht charter, insurance and board cash I set up an yacht crew agreement where all details regarding the sailing trip, yacht charter, liabilities of skipper and crew as well as cost are defined. Each crew member will sign this contract before starting the sail trip as it is a necessary agreement to have just in case. You can find several templates for this online.

Now it is time to plan several things like the ride to the port or the packing list. Here we use Excel on Google Drive for our packing packing and buying list. It is agreed who will bring which stuff to the yacht like the music box, games, drinks etc. 

In case we drive by car to the port we arrange car sharing. Sometimes it takes several messages in our chat App or we use an excel sheet on  google drive as well.

Meanwhile me as the skipper have to set up the official crew list for boarding the yacht and for the charter agency. Therefore I ask everyone to sent me their data or pics of their IDs. It could be via E-Mail, Whatsapp, or… you now.

Usually the charter agency provides the template for the crew list but you can search online as well to find several official crew list templates that can be used. 

As you can see all in all we use several media to get our sailing trip planned. Sometimes it is confusing and me as well as the crew are searching for information once placed in the past in any chat or E-Mail or who knows. There is no one view dashboard with all related information about the sailing trip and that is why I decided to set up a new tool. CREW360 as the All-in-One online sailing planner, making organization of the sailing trip and sailing crew easy, and all happy.

Maybe CREW360 could be your sailing planner as well? You can use it to staff your crew, find a common date to go sailing, plan the perfect sailing route online for your yacht and much more. Try it for free and let me know your feedback to 

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